Zurgbots walking alongside Barbossa
Character information
Name Zurgbot
Franchise Toy Story
Species Robot
Friends Zurg

Zurgbots are enemies in Disney Infinity in the Toy Story in Space Play Set. They originate from Toy Story 2, and are all unlockable in Toy Box.

Disney Infinity

The Zurgbots appear in the Toy Story in Space Play Set as the henchmen of Emperor Zurg, aiding him in his quest to conquer the galaxy. They are also used in the Combat Simulator to help the player learn how to use their weapons to battle Zurg.


There are seven types of Zurgbots in Disney Infinity, but only six return for the sequel:


  • The Goo Bot does not return for Disney Infinity 2.0, because goo is not featured in that game due to the game's creators not having enough time to resize every figure along with programming all of the new individual abilities.[1]


For all photos and videos, see Zurgbots/Gallery.


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