Violet Parr
Character information
Name Violet Parr
Alias Vi (nickname), Invisigirl
Franchise The Incredibles
Sex Female
Species Super Human
Relatives Bob Parr (father), Helen Parr (mother), Dash Parr (brother), Jack-Jack Parr (younger brother)
Friends Edna Mode, Mirage, Rick Dicker, Tony Rydinger
Enemies Syndrome, The Underminer, Omnidroids
Occupation Superhero, Student
Residence Metroville
Voice Actor Sarah Vowell

"Hi, there! I'm Violet. Wanna go have some fun?"
-Violet, when placed on the Disney Infinity Base

Violet Parr, Vi for short, is one of the four protagonists in Disney/Pixar's 2004 hit animated feature The Incredibles. She is a playable character in Disney Infinity. Violet was released on August 18th at launch and re-released alongside Vanellope and Rapunzel in the Girl Power Pack. While in two player, the second player is unable to see Violet in anyway while she's invisible, this was however removed starting in 2.0 making her outline visible while under her invisibility, making her a lot easier to spot.


Violet has a slender frame and black hair. She wears her super suit designed by Edna Mode to disappear as completely as Violet does. Her mask aids to hide her secret identity.


Disney Infinity

Invisibility and the ability to create force fields are Violet's most powerful abilities. Though never seen in the movie, in Disney Infinity she is able to project her force fields and use them as an offensive weapon instead of just a defense.

Disney Infinity 2.0

Violet has the same abilities in the sequel, plus an added Skill Tree.

Skill Tree

The Incredibles

When she is first introduced, Violet is depicted as gloomy, uncertain and socially withdrawn -- preferring to hide behind her long raven hair. She has a crush on one of her classmates, Tony Rydinger, but is too shy to approach him and turns herself invisible whenever he looks at her to avoid attention.

"Like many teen girls, Violet doesn't like being different from her peers and especially doesn't want to be noticed. But when she learns she's a force to be reckoned with, Violet pulls back her hair and allows her true self to shine."


According to Disney Infinity concept artist Matthew Armstrong, Violet was one of the few characters that made it through production exactly as she was originally drawn. (Most of the characters go through many redesigns by many different artists before final approval.)[1]


  • In Disney Infinity Violet can drive any vehicle while she's invisible, making whatever mount she rides on look as if it's moving by itself in a ghostly/haunting fashion, this also works if she picks up a townsperson or another character and carries them in a similar fashion (which also makes completing certain missions in The Incredibles Play Set far easier with her, including a mission in the playset that requires zoo animals to be rescued/returned as she can beat it without ever being seen).
    • However the only vehicle she can't drive while invisible is the WALL-E Hoverchair, as the bloat effect from the chair will cancel her invisibility effect out, when she exits the chair she'll turn invisible again.
  • Her model number is 1000019.
  • She's the only playable character from The Incredibles who doesn't have a range attack in her moveset as it's taken up by her invisibility (which acts as her range move in-game), she's also the only character out of the gang who lacks a range attack upgrade in her skill tree because of her invisibility, instead the shield regeneration upgrades and her Force Field's ability to deflect projectiles are located in it's place.
  • In Disney Infinity, Violet is voiced by Sarah Vowell, who voiced her in the film and is set to reprise her role in the upcoming 2018 sequel.
  • Some Disney Infinity fans say that she was the most powerful figure in the game. This was true, until she was nerfed slightly for 2.0 (due to the introduction of the skill tree slightly tweaking her attacks), then was nerfed completely for 3.0 alongside Sorcerer's Apprentice Mickey as her attack's power and range was massively reduced to balance out with the entire roster.
    • This makes her the first of two characters from 1.0 to have been nerfed in the transition to 3.0, the second being the after-mentioned Sorcerer's Apprentice Mickey (who suffered a massive power drop similar to Violet's in order to balance out with the entire cast).
  • She's the second of two characters from The Incredibles who can deflect projectiles (which is unlocked in her skill tree as Ricochet), the first being Mr. Incredible.
  • Her figure is the most notorious one out of the game series in terms of figure durability, as her head has a very high tendency to fall off likely due to her figure's pose. This makes her one of three characters of the Incredibles whose head can fall off of their figure. The other two are Mrs. Incredible and Dash (the latter two are very rare to see with defects), the base will still read the figure despite the defects.
    • This may be due to her overall design being very skinny compared to the other characters (Jack Skellington also has a similar issue), which makes her figure very easy to break compared to others.
  • There's an odd glitch where if your attack is cancelled by an enemy a forcefield will appear around her ankles, and doesn't go away until you change characters, this glitch seems to have been fixed via a recent patch.


For all photos and videos, see Violet/Gallery.


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