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Vehicle Weapons are weapons in Disney INFINITY. They originate from Cars 2. They are special weapons that pop out from the sides of the vehcle being driven by the player.


There are four types of vehicle weapons that can be used on all vehicles, all of which originate from the Cars Play Set. They can be equipped on most vehicles with a special Packs and Tools menu shaped like a wheel. They can also be obtained from a Vehicle Weapon Generator. If they are used in the Cars Play Set or in a toy box that uses a Vehicle Weapon Generator, the weapons will disappear; but if used in a regular toy box, they are freely available for use, and will simply reload when emptied.


  • Oil slick
  • Tick tock boom
  • Bombs
  • Turbo leech
  • Multi-shot
  • Homer
  • Unbreakable

Vehicles with Built-In Weapons

Certain vehicles pose in-built weaponry. Currently known are:

  • Incredicar : Shoots purple plasma ball, which bounces along the ground
  • Incredicopter : Shoots missiles forwards, which then veer downwards
  • Light Runner : Shoots an 8-bit missile forwards
  • Recognizer : Shoots an 8-bit missile forwards
  • Attack Copter : Shoots missiles forwards; similar to Missile pop-out weapon

All ridable mounts have the ability to use regular weapons. The Beastly Bicycle is too small to have pop-out weapons.



For all photos and videos, see Vehicle Weapons/Gallery.

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