Tulgey Wood
Name Tulgey Wood
Franchise Alice in Wonderland
Type Customization (Skydome) Disc

Tulgey Wood is a Power Disc in Disney Infinity. It is a Skydome customization disc that originates from Alice in Wonderland. It is part of the First Series of Power Discs. Its Texture Set counterpart is Alice's Wonderland.


Place your world in the center of the Tulgey Wood from Alice in Wonderland.


This Skydome is set inside the Tulgey Wood from Alice in Wonderland. It features creepy trees and plants in different colors, with the caterpillar's smoke letters seen behind some of them. At the bottom of the Skydome is a Wonderland maze seen.

Music featured

Whenever the Skydome is placed, the following music places:

  • Alice in Wonderland (Main Title) End track of below
  • The Trial/The Unbirthday Song/Rule 42/Off With Her Head/The Race (all one track)



For all photos and videos, see Tulgey Wood/Gallery.

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