The Toy Box Launch is a Pre-built Toy Box world that comes with the first edition of Disney Infinity. It acts as an introduction to using the Toy Box.

When accessed, the player will appear standing on the Disney Infinity Hub, facing Cinderella's Castle. A few Enemies can be seen roaming around the grassy area behind the castle.

When exploring the world, the player will discover several green capsules scattered throughout the level, most of which are on floating islands separated from the main island, accessed by using a flying toy or by adding extra terrain pieces to get to them. The capsules found here contain sparks, spins for the Toy Vault, and other empty pre-built Toy Boxes.

On each side of the castle, there is a beam of light coming from the sky. If the player is facing the front of the castle, heading to the left beam of light will lead to the discovery of a new toy, the Toy Box Blaster. The right beam leads the player to a car. When the player hops in, a race track will appear around a small mountain.

Character Chests will occasionally appear here as well, if the player spends enough time exploring the world.

Toy Box Launch is a great place to level up Toy Box-Only characters, due to the vast amount of sparks found, as well as the experience gained from defeating enemies.

The Toy Box Launch is known to be glitchy, as it has a Enemy Generator that will disappear after the first visit, causing problems with enemy spawning.


Toy Boxes

  • Rolling Hills
  • Tropical Isle
  • World of Walkways


  • Toy Box Blaster

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