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Character information
Name Tonto
Franchise The Lone Ranger
Sex Male
Species Human
Friends Lone Ranger

Red Harrington

Occupation Wendigo Hunter (Formerly)

Sidekick to the Lone Ranger

Voice Actor Jared Butler

"Hello, Kemosabe. I am Tonto."
-Tonto, when placed on the Disney Infinity Base

Tonto is one of the protagonists of the 2013 movie The Lone Ranger. He appears as a playable character in Disney INFINITY. Tonto was released on August 18th at launch.


Tonto is a Native-American tanned man of average height. He has long black hair that reaches over his front and back. He has a long breastplate that covers his chest. He has white face paint with several black stripes vertically down from his eyes. He wears a headband with a black crow on it. He wears brown buckskin pants, moccasins and a long belt with various tools including a little bag hanging from it.


Tonto uses his tomahawk to throw at his enemies. You also can do close range damage, He is also an excellent horse rider.

The Lone Ranger

Director Gore Verbinksi told MTV News about the film being focused around Tonto rather than the Lone Ranger. Verbinski said, "You've heard the Lone Ranger's story; you just haven't heard it told from this guy, and he was there." Along the same lines (and in the same article), Depp talks about Tonto, "I like the character. I think I have interesting plans for the character, and I think the film itself could be entertaining and very funny, but also I like the idea of having the opportunity to make fun of the idea of the Indian as a sidekick — which has always been [the case] throughout the history of Hollywood. The Native American has always been a second-class, third-class, fourth-class, fifth-class citizen, and I don't see Tonto that way at all. So it's an opportunity for me to salute Native Americans."


"Greetings. Your return today was much hoped for."

"It is your fate."

"Work here is done."

"Why would he care about Colby? Colby small; Colby insignificant."

"He must be stopped."


  • His model number is 1000005.


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