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Lone Ranger
The Lone Ranger
Character information
Name Lone Ranger
Alias John Reid
Franchise The Lone Ranger
Sex Male
Species Human
Friends Tonto
Red Harrington
Occupation Texas Ranger
Residence Colby (Formerly) Wild West
Voice Actor Armie Hammer

"Outlaws beware. Justice will be served."
-The Lone Ranger, when placed on the Disney Infinity Base

The Lone Ranger (a.k.a. John Reid) is the protagonist of the 2013 movie The Lone Ranger. He was confirmed to appear as a playable character in Disney INFINITY. The Lone Ranger was released on August 18th at launch.

Background information

The Lone Ranger

John Reid is recruited by Tonto to bring justice to Cavendish and save Colby.

Behind the Scenes


The Lone Ranger is able to shoot with his pistols at his enemies. He also has a riccochet shot to let his bullets bounce off of items and enemies. He is also a very good horse rider.


The Lone Ranger is a tall American man with brown hair. He is commonly seen dressed in black. He wears a black jacket, which has a sheriff badge on it, and a black blouse underneath. He wears brown trousers with a black belt. He wears black boots and a white cowboy hat. He wears a red bandanna around his neck and his most recognizable feature is his black mask in front of his eyes.



"Cavendish is gonna regret ever ridin' into this town."
-Lone Ranger

"Sorry I had to do that."
-Lone Ranger

"One down."
-Lone Ranger

"No holding back. I'm ready for anything."
-Lone Ranger

-Lone Ranger

"You're coming with me."
-Lone Ranger

"This isn't the first time we've crossed paths with Butch Cavendish. What's he up to now?"
-Lone Ranger


  • His model number is 1000004 and his Crystal variants is 1000034.


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