The King's Guard
The King's Guard
Character information
Name The King's Guard
Alias Corona Guard, Tangled Guard
Franchise Tangled
Sex Male
Species Human
Friends Rapunzel, Flynn Rider, Maximus, Pascal, The King and Queen of Corona
Enemies Rapunzel (formerly), Flynn Rider (formerly), The Stabbington Brothers (formerly), Mother Gothel
Occupation Royal guard of Corona.
Residence Corona

The King's Guard is a toy box only enemy in Disney Infinity and in Disney Infinity 2.0. He originates from the film Tangled.


In the film, the guards are portrayed as the loyal guards of the King and Queen of Corona, Rapunzel's parents. After Flynn Rider steals the crown of the lost princess from the royals' castle, the guards chase Flynn, and spend most of the movie attempting to hunt him down, retrieve the crown, and arrest him. Eventually, Mother Gothel and a pair of Flynn's former friends hand Flynn over to the guards, who arrest him and prepare him to be hanged. He escapes, however, and later becomes the Prince of Corona upon his marriage of Rapunzel.

Disney Infinity

In the games, the guards function as enemies. They are unlocked in the first game via a spin in the toy box. There are two in-game variants of them, which appear nearly identical except for the differently colored armor they wear. The first variant wears silver body armor, and the second, more powerful variant wears golden body armor. Their style of combat is the same: at long range, they wield a bow and arrow; but at close range, they wield a frying pan.


  • Despite technically working under Flynn and Maximus at the end of the movie, thus making the guards no longer enemies of theirs, the guards are still featured as enemies in the game.
  • Their close-range weapon is a frying pan despite the fact that they never wielded a frying pan in the movie, instead fighting with a much more conventional sword. However, once Maximus became the new captain of the guard, they wielded frying pans.


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