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Terri and Terry Perry
Character information
Name Terri and Terry Perry
Franchise Monsters University
Sex Male
Species Monster
Friends Mike, Sulley, Art, Don Carlton, Scott "Squishy" Squibbles
Occupation Student
Residence Monstropolis
Terri and Terry Perry are two of the three secondary tritagonists alongside Art who appear in the new Monsters, Inc. film; Monsters University. They appear as NPCs in the Monsters University Playset of Disney INFINITY.


They appear as NPCs in the Monsters University play set. They are first heard of by Squishy who tell the Player that Terri and Terry went missing. They were later revealed to have been kidnapped by Fear Tech students and, thanks to the help of Randall, the player learns that they are tied up at the top of the MU clock tower. When they reach the top Mike and Sulley untie Terri and Terry and Terri tells the pair that they've discovered something inportent about Fear Tech, which promptly led to their own kidnapping to prevent MU from ever finding out.

They also help Mike and Sulley out with missions when they sneak into Fear Tech grounds, where their first mission is to "redecorate" (booby trap) the Fear Tech dorm with stining glow urchins as revenge for kidnapping them in the middle of the night. Then to decorated Fear Tech's School of Scaring with a large M.U. Banner.

Monsters University

Terri and Terry Perry are characters in Monsters University. They are yellow four-armed Siamese brothers with horns and orange stripes on their tentacles, and students at Monsters University, as well as members of the Oozma Kappa fraternity. Terri is the smallest and has one horn; Terry is the tallest and has two horns.


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