Character information
Name Tantor
Franchise Tarzan
Sex Male
Species Elephant
Friends Tarzan, Jane, Terk
Residence The Jungle

Tantor is a major character in Disney's film Tarzan and its follow-ups. He appears as a rideble mount in Disney INFINITY. He is a Power Disc, and was released in Series 3.


Terk's loyal pachyderm pal.


Tantor appears as a ridable mount .


Tantor is Tarzan's and Terk's best friend and the secondary tritagonist in Disney's 1999 feature film Tarzan, its midquel, sequel and television series.


Tantor in Tarzan.

Tarzan first encounters Tantor as he was a kid during a dare by Terk to take an elephant hair, during the dare a very young Tantor thinks Tarzan is a piranha and informs his parents about it and they don't believe him until Tarzan bites one of the elephants which causes a stampede, after the aftermath it appears that Tarzan has died but he turns out to be alright and reveals he has managed to retrieve an elephant hair when he tells Tantor about he tells him that if he told him he would've gladly gave him one of his hairs, he continues to be his friend well into adult hood later in the film he Terk and some of their gorilla friends sneak onto the human's campsite and trash the place, later when Tarzan invites Jane, her father, and Clayton to the gorilla site Tantor and Terk provide a distraction to Kerchak so he won't find out about it, eventually he does find out about it and is enraged, later when Tarzan joins the humans and is put in a cell Tantor comes to the rescue and takes Terk with him being brave for the first time and fights off the men on the ship and they help fight Clayton's men so they won't make off with the gorillas. In the end, Tantor celebrates the marriage of Tarzan and Jane along with Tarzan's gorilla family.


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