TIE Fighter
A TIE Fighter being blown up.
Name TIE Fighter
Franchise Star Wars
Type Air Vehicle

TIE Fighters are vehicles in the Star Wars saga. They appeared in Disney Infinity: 3.0 Edition. They were confirmed in the official reveal trailer for Disney Infinity 3.0.


TIE fighters are small, blue spacecraft designed for speed, maneuverability, and attack, but not for comfort. They consist of a small, spherical cockpit in the center, colored light blue, with a large window for the pilot to look out of; and a large, black solar panel attached to either side. The front of the craft features twin laser blasters that fire green shots.

Star Wars

In the Star Wars saga, TIE Fighters were the Empire's most basic spacecraft. Squadrons of them were used by the Empire to fight against the Rebellion in almost every space battle in the films. Large numbers of them were carried inside Imperial Star Destroyers, as well as inside The Death Star. They were very easily shot down, and never fought alone. The fighters were very expendable, and in that respect can be considered the vehicle equivalent to Stormtroopers.


  • TIE stands for Twin Ion Engine, which is what the ship is powered by.


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