Syndrome's Volcano is an item in Disney/Pixar's The Incredibles. It will appear as a toy (likely a Set Piece) in Disney Infinity: 3.0 Edition. It was confirmed by GameInformer magazine.


Syndrome's secret base looks like a typical volcano on the outside, but inside, it is a technologically advanced base of super villain operations for him. Inside is a dining room, a complex network of tunnels, a secret computer, a highly advanced superhero prison, booby traps, and even an aircraft hangar. There is also a monorail system that travels throughout the island, and can go into the volcano. On the outside, the volcano is humongous, taking up a good portion of the island. There are plants surrounding the base of the volcano, but the volcano itself is dark brown.

It can be unlocked In The Toy Box Takeover Expansion Game and is also the setting for the final level of Toy Box Takeover.

The Incredibles

In the film, the volcano was Syndrome's home/secret base, and is located on Nomanisan Island. When Mr. Incredible battled the original Omnidroid, the battle led them into the volcano. Mr. Incredible tried to kill the Omnidroid by throwing it into the lava, but that only made the metal shell of the robot lethally red hot. Mr. Incredible eventually climbed inside the omnidroid and caused it to rip out its own motor, defeating it.

After the battle, Mirage invited Mr. Incredible to dinner inside the volcano, at Syndrome's request.

Later in the film, Mr. Incredible returned to Nomanisan and invaded the secret volcano base. He infiltrated the base and found Syndrome's secret computer room, where he learned Syndrome's secret (that he had been killing superheroes) and his evil plan to pretend to save the city from his own Omnidroid so that he could be seen as a hero. However, his wife Helen activated the homing device on his supersuit, alerting Syndrome's defense system to his presence. Mr. Incredible was captured and imprisoned within the volcano.

To save her husband, Mrs. Incredible invaded the volcano and made it to his prison room, where Mirage had already freed him. The pair then had to save their children, Dash and Violet, who had stowed away on board the plane that brought Helen to the island. In the process, however, all four of them were captured by Syndrome. They were all imprisoned in his hi-tech prison as Syndrome left to execute his evil plan. However, Violet managed to escape her Zero Point Energy prison and free the others. They all traveled to the aircraft hangar to try to find a way to escape the island. With help from Mirage to enter the code, they took off in one of Syndrome's rockets to save their hometown.

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