Disney Infinity, Anna Sumo Challenge Gameplay Adventure05:30

Disney Infinity, Anna Sumo Challenge Gameplay Adventure


Elsa Sumo

Elsa using her snowball in the Sumo adventure

Sumo is a Adventure in Disney Infinity. The goal is to not fall over the edge of a large mass of platforms which disappear over time, all the while facing off Enemies. Spark Capsules and items will spawn, though each for a limited period of time.

The game ends when the last player standing gets killed or falls off the platforms, or if the remaining players get a gold medal.

A brown block with skulls will sometimes beam down. If it gets hit with any kind of gear or enemy attack, it will explode and kill all Enemies on the platforms. However, players will have to wait for another one to beam down.


Bronze: Stay on the platforms for 1 minute.

Silver: Stay on the platforms fro two minutes and ten seconds.

Gold: Stay on the platforms for three minutes.

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