Stunt Jump Arena
Toy Box Stunt Jump Arena
Creator OneMama
Challenge Extreme Sports Challenge
Place Second

Stunt Jump Arena was a featured toy box created by OneMama. It took second place in the Extreme Sports Challenge. It was featured on 10/03/13.[1] It is a trick driving arena the goal of which is to score 100 points, or more than the other players, in five minutes.


1-4 player stunt buggy trick arena. 1st player to 100 or highest scorer in 5 minutes is the winner! Created by Karen B.[2][3]


  • The actual name of the creator of this toy box is somewhat ambiguous. The YouTube video calls her OneMama.[3] The official Infinity site calls her inf322674, but the description it gives for her toy box has her referred to as Karen B.[2]
  • This was Karen B.'s first ever featured toy box.



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