Star Command Blaster
Name Star Command Blaster
Franchise Toy Story
Type Weapon (Tool)
Unlock The Toy Store in the Toy Story in Space Play Set.

The Star Command Blaster is a tool from Toy Story. It is a laser blaster that can fire six red laser projectiles before being forced to reload. It can be obtained in the Toy Story in Space Play Set Toy Store.


There is a glitch where if you use it in the Gladiator Arena Adventure, you'll unlock the tool. This glitch is known to work on Playstation 3, Xbox 360, and Wii U.


  • If you unlock it through the Gladiator Arena glitch, you still have to unlock it and purchase it in the Toy Story in Space Play Set to use it in the Play Set.


For all photos and videos, see Star Command Blaster/Gallery.

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