Star Command
SamNielson Starcommand Bridge2
Concept art of the command bridge of the player's ship.
Developer(s) Avalanche Software
Release date(s) Cancelled
Disney Infinity Series
Toy Story 3: The Video Game

Star Command (also known as Toy Story in Space[1]) was a planned sequel to Toy Story 3: The Video Game, which was to have been developed by Avalanche Software.[2][3][4] It was to have had a new story all its own and would have expanded on the Toy Box mode introduced in the original game. [5] It would have mostly been set in space, but would have had other worlds as well, such as a pirate world.[6] Many of the assets and designs originally built for Star Command eventually found their way into the original Disney Infinity.


Characters confirmed to have been planned for inclusion in the game are as follows:


SNielson Infinity Pirates 1

Concept art of some tools considered for the game.

Because the game was scrapped fairly early on in production, not many of its planned features are known. Those which we do know of are only known due to revelations from the game's developers.

While Toy Story 3: The Video Game focused mainly on Woody and had a Western-themed Toy Box mode, Star Command was to center more on Buzz and have a space-themed toy box mode.[4][5] The characters would have had their own space ship with which they would have flown to different planets throughout the galaxy. It is unknown where the central hub would be located (possibly on a planet); artist Sam Nielson had the idea of making the hub a spaceship, but the idea did not gain much traction. Emperor Zurg seems to have been the villain, and he would have had his own ship.[5] Some of the elements from the space portion of the game (for example, some of the plants) were later repainted and recycled for use in the Toy Story in Space Play Set.[7]

There was also a pirate-themed world in development. From the initial concept art, it seems to be very similar to the Pirates of the Caribbean Play Set. It would have featured various pirate toys (such as sharks, fish, and eels dressed as pirates) as enemies and featured the gameplay mechanic of moving between islands (as in the final play set). It also featured more realistic backgrounds than most other Toy Story media.[6]

The game was apparently to have had tools and weapons as well. One conceptual weapon was BlackSquid's Cutlass, which could turn any enemy into a mermaid and render them unable to fight you. One tool seen in concept art is the Dead Sea Key; if the key was inserted into any one of many valves around the area, it could be used to change the water level.[6]

There was also to have been a scene involving Rex growing larger (possibly as a result of touching Green Goo), though it is unknown exactly where or how this would have been used.[1]


In October 2010, while Avalanche was developing the game, John Pleasants was named co-president of Disney Interactive.[8] When Pleasants saw the team's work on the game, he saw potential, and suggested that the team look into incorporating more franchises into the game than just Toy Story.[3][2][4] At first, the team was reluctant to do this, as they knew that it would be a difficult concept to sell to the heads of Disney Interactive due to the unwritten rule that characters from different franchises should not mix in video games;[3] however, as Pleasants pointed out, there are precedents to Characters interacting outside of their franchises, for example, at Disney Parks, or as physical toys in a child's playroom.[2] The team soon came to love the idea, and added to it the idea of making the game toys-to-life.[2] The rest, as the old colloquialism goes, is history.


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