Speeder Bike
Rise Against the Empire 1
Luke and Leia riding a Speeder Bike.
Name Speeder Bike
Franchise Star Wars
Type Land Vehicle

The Speeder Bike, also known as the Hover Bike or the Endor Speeder Bike, is a vehicle in the Star Wars saga. It appears as a rideable vehicle in Disney Infinity: 3.0 Edition, and possibly appears in the Rise Against the Empire Play Set.


The Speeder Bike is a small vehicle built for one or two riders, and was designed for speed and maneuverability. It has no wheels, and hovers above the ground. The craft is controlled by two black levers at the front of the craft. The armor on the craft is brown, but underneath the armor, it is black. It is equipped with a pair of long guns on the front, which fire red shots.

Star Wars

In Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi, the Speeder Bikes were used by the Imperial Biker Scouts to scout out the Forest Moon of Endor for any intruders. When the rebel strike team first landed on Endor, they were seen by some Biker Scouts who attempted to speed off on their Speeder Bikes to inform the Imperials of the Rebel presence on the moon. Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia then stole one of their speeder bikes and took off to stop them. They succeeded in shooting down all of the bikes, but Leia accidentally fell from her speeder.

Later on, some of the scouts discovered Princess Leia and Wicket in the forest and tried to shoot them with their bikes. Wicket took out the trooper and then took Leia back to the ewoks' treetop home.

As the Rebel strike team was scouting out the shield generator base so they could deactivate the shield over The Death Star, one of the ewoks, as a diversion to the Biker Scouts guarding the base, ran over and stole one of their speeder bikes, speeding off into the forest. When the scouts gave chase, the Rebels were clear to enter the base.

The Empire also used Speeder Bikes during the Battle of Endor.


  • The game images released so far seem to indicate that two characters can ride the bike at the same time, this does not happen in the final release.