Snoring Gloria
Snoring Gloria
Name Snoring Gloria
Franchise The Incredibles
Type Play Set Townsperson
Snoring Gloria is an enemy in The Incredibles Play Set, as well as a Play Set Townsperson in the Toy Box. She is unlocked for use in the Toy Box in the Villain Toy Pack.

The Incredibles Play Set

At the start of the play set, Snoring Gloria, The Hoarder, and Baron Von Ruthless have been captured by the Incredibles and are being displayed in cages to the city of Metroville in a triumphant ceremony when Syndrome arrives and sets them all free. The player then has to bring all four villains back to justice. Snoring Gloria's missions involve her villainous scheme to lull the city to sleep with her special sleep-inducing plants, which the player must destroy.



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