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Skydome is a special theme that you can have for your sky. Several themes already have been seen and originate from Disney movies. Some of the themes have no character from that movie in the game.

Some of the Skydomes have a hexagonal Power Disc, called Customization Discs. It will turn the sky in the Toy Box to its theme. Whenever a Sky is changed, music familiar in the environment plays instead of the standard theme.


Skydome Name Based on Music
Above the Grid TRON
Asgardian Sky Marvel Comics
Atlantean Sky Atlantis: The Lost Empire
Baloo's Jungle The Jungle Book
Brave Sky Brave
Wildwestbg Buy N Large Atmosphere WALL-E
Chill in the Air Frozen
Colby Sky The Lone Ranger
Imagevg Danville Sky Phineas and Ferb "Gitchee Gitchee Goo" and "I Ain't Got Rhythm"
Standardbg Disney Castle Sky Disney Infinity
Disney Castle Twilight Disney Infinity A Dream Is a Wish Your Heart Makes
Fixitfelixjrbg Fix-It Felix's Sky Wreck-It Ralph
Forgotten Skies Devil Dinosaur
Gravity Falls Sky Gravity Falls
Groot's View Guardians of the Galaxy
Nightmarebg Halloweentown Sky The Nightmare Before Christmas End Title
Infinity and Beyond Toy Story
Jasmine's Palace View Aladdin
Kyln Sky Guardians of the Galaxy
Lilo & Stitch Sky Lilo & Stitch
Metroville Sky The Incredibles
Mickey's Spellbound Sky Fantasia The Nutcracker Suite, Op. 71a
Misty Magic Sky Unknown
Monsters University Sky Monsters, Inc.
Atlanticabg Nemo's Seascape Finding Nemo Wow
Frankenweeniebg New Holland Sky Frankenweenie Re-Animation
Open Sea Sky Pirates of the Caribbean
Pitch Black Sky Disney Infinity
Pixie Hollow Sky Disney Fairies
Radiator Springs Sky Cars
Radiator Springs Storm Sky Cars
Coronabg Rapunzel's Birthday Sky Tangled I See The Light
Retro Video Game Level Sky Disney Infinity
San Fransokyo Skies Big Hero 6
Second Star to the Right Peter Pan
Simba's Pride Lands The Lion King
Skies of the World Disney Parks
Spider-Sky Spider-Man Comics
Sugarrushbg Sugar Rush Sky Wreck-It Ralph Sugar Rush
The Middle Kingdom Mulan
The Rip Guardians of the Galaxy
Tronbg TRON Interface TRON Recognizer
Wonderlandbg Tulgey Wood Alice in Wonderland
View from the Suit Marvel's The Avengers
Wings Across the World Sky Planes
World War Hulk Sky Marvel's The Avengers



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