Skills and Abilities are moves, abilities, and powers, that can be possessed by playable characters.

Abilities are the special moves that usually help the characters get around in different ways (like Super Jump and Flight), but can also make the characters capable of doing things other characters normally couldn't (like Super Strength and Tech Focus). Toy Boxes can be locked so they're only available for characters with a certain ability, and the Ability Terminal can only be activated by a character with a set ability. These abilities are either unlocked by default, or can be unlocked in the Skill Tree.

Skills are minor abilities that usually are unlocked in the Skill Tree, with the exception of basic skills like Running and Jumping. These abilities often help characters in combat, either by doing damage to enemies (like the Special Move and Repel), or by protecting the character (like Health Regeneration and Mid-Air Recovery). Skills are more common than abilities, as they are often available to all characters.

List of Abilities

List of Skills

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