Character information
Name Silver
Franchise The Lone Ranger
Sex Male
Species Horse
Friends Lone Ranger, Tonto, Scout
Enemies Bandits

Silver is a major character in the 2013 live-action film, The Lone Ranger. He appears in Disney INFINITY as a ridable mount.


The Lone Ranger's mystical white stallion.


Silver appears as the horse for Lone Ranger. He is a ridable mount in the game and can be unlocked from the toy store in The Lone Ranger Play Set for play in both the play set and the toy box. He is made available for purchase from the toy store upon completion of the feat "Roundin' 'Em Up," and costs 500 Coins to unlock.

The Lone Ranger

Silver appears to be a spirit walking horse and is the one responsible for leading Tonto to John Reid, who later becomes the Lone Ranger. Silver becomes his trusty steed, but still manages to get into mischief such as climbing trees or drinking beer.


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