Silent Warrior Pack
Silent Warrior Pack
Name Silent Warrior Pack
Franchise The Lone Ranger
Type Weapon (Pack)
Unlock The Toy Store in The Lone Ranger Play Set.

The Silent Warrior Pack is a Pack in Disney Infinity that originates from The Lone Ranger. It is unlocked in the The Lone Ranger Play Set, after following the Thundering Stallion questline, and then later completing the Silent Warrior mission. It is similar to the Thundering Hooves Pack.

It summons the Silent Warrior to fight alongside you for a short while. The Silent Warrior will run up and attack enemies with close quarters combat. It has a slight cooldown between usage.


  • This pack can be considered the predecessor to the Team-Up power discs due to their similar function. The only difference is that the effects of the pack last for a shorter period of time and require a shorter period of intermission between uses. The warrior even moves similarly to a character summoned from such a power disc, indicating that the characters may be using the same moves programming.

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