Scrooge's Money Bin
Name Scrooge's Money Bin
Franchise Duck Universe
Type Set Piece

Scrooge's Money Bin, known as Scrooge McDuck's Money Bin in Disney Infinity 2.0, or simply referred to as the Money Bin is a Set Piece in Disney Infinity that can be placed in the Toy Box. It opens up to reveal that it is filled with gold. The Money Bin originated from 1951 comic 'Terror of the Beagle Boys' and featured prominently in DuckTales. The money bin contains both office space and, most famously, three cubic acres of money, the results of Scrooge's lifetime of business and treasure-seeking adventures.


In the game, the Money Bin is represented as a large placeable building object. The front of the Money Bin has a small door that can not be entered by the character that is overflowing with money. Stepping on the money causes an animation of coins being displaced by the players feet. To the immediate right of the door is a functional button that opens the top dome of the Money Bin allowing the player to enter the inside of the bin (the player must build a method of climbing to the top dome as the Money Bin does not include any way to climb it by default). The inside of the Money Bin contains a pool of money that displays the same coin displacement animation as the outer door as well as an additional button for opening/closing the dome and a rope for climbing out of the interior.

The Money Bin is a large building that houses a large sum of Scrooge McDuck's fortune. In DuckTales, it is separate from his home, and is down the street from his mansion. Other media portrays Scrooge living in its top floor.

It's frequently the target of numerous thieves, particularly The Beagle Boys. Scrooge has installed a security system, where an alarm is triggered in his mansion when someone breaks in.

A 60's Disney short, Scrooge McDuck and Money, points out that it's financially unsound to keep his millions isolated. It's explained then that it only contains a portion of his money, and the rest continues to circulate. The comics DuckTales is based on later picked this up.


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