Sabine Wren
Sabine Wren
Sabine's Figure
Character information
Name Sabine Wren
Alias Spectre 5, The Artist
Franchise Star Wars Rebels
Sex Female
Species Mandalorian Human
Relatives Unknown
Friends Ezra Bridger, Kanan Jarrus, Garazeb Orrelios, Ahsoka Tano, R2-D2, C-3PO, Hera Syndulla, The Empire (formerly), Imperial Officers (formerly)
Enemies The Inquisitor, Stormtroopers, Imperial Officers, Grand Moff Tarkin, Darth Vader, The Emperor
Occupation Weapons specialist for the Rebel Alliance
Residence Mandalore, The Ghost
Voice Actor Tiya Sircar

"I'm Sabine Wren, pride of Mandalore and whole lot more."
-Sabine Wren, when placed on the Disney Infinity Base

Sabine Wren is a protagonist of Star Wars Rebels. She appears as a playable character in Disney Infinity: 3.0 Edition. She was originally revealed to be playable when an image of her figure was leaked by the Disney Games Brazil Facebook page, and was officially revealed June 12th, 2015. She is playable in the Toy Box and unlockable in all three Star Wars Play Sets, even though she does not really have a "native" play set.[1] She was an exclusive character at Target temporarily at the game's launch, but was released everywhere on September 19th.


Sabine's appearance changed drastically between seasons one and two of Star Wars Rebels. Her figure's design seems to resemble her season two appearance more than it does her season one appearance.

Sabine is a slender young girl with brown eyes and short, blue hair. She wears a set of orange and black Mandalorian armor native to soldiers and warriors of her home world of Mandalore. Her left shoulder pad is blue. She has a pair of navy blue gloves, stained with the paint that she always paints with. She also wears grey and tan pants and a brown belt with a weapons holster on each side of it.

Sabine also has a hot pink and grey Mandalorian helmet that she often wears on missions; this helmet is absent from her in-game appearance, though she does mention her helmet.


Sabine Wren has explosive talents for art and demolitions alike, and she won’t hesitate to use them against the Empire. She can stealthily approach and sabotage the enemy or stand alongside her rebel allies to lend her twin blasters to the cause.

Star Wars Rebels

At the end of the Clone Wars, before joining the Rebels, Sabine became a cadet at the Imperial Academy on Mandalore. She believed in the cause of the Empire, and blindly followed its orders until her family was negatively affected by it. Having seen its true nature, Sabine abandoned not only the Empire, but also her family. At age 16, she first joined the Rebel cause. She has since served them on board the Ghost, the ship of Hera Syndulla. Wherever the crew has a mission, she likes to mark where they have been by painting the symbol of the Rebel Alliance and planting an explosive paint bomb at the scene.


Sabine fights using twin blasters.[2] She also has the ability to throw explosive paint bombs.[3] She has a move where she jumps upward into the air and fires her blasters down on her enemies as she rotates in the air.[3] She can also do a hurricane spin of shots onthe ground, as well as leave paint grenades that can be detonated at will.


Sabine Concept

Sabine's concept art. Note the fact that she still has her season one appearance and is holding her helmet.

The team at Disney Interactive knew from the very beginning of the development of Disney Infinity 3.0 that they wanted to add Characters from Star Wars Rebels into the game, and work began on the creation of those characters before the first episode of the series ever even aired.[4]

Sabine appears in-game in her season two design, with blue hair rather than navy blue with pink highlights and orange and black armor rather than pink and black armor. This was done because season two would be the season of the show that would be airing when the characters were released.[4]

The game's design team spent more time perfecting Sabine's figure than they did on any other playable character in the game; she also turned out to be one of the most expensive figures to make,[4] as well as the most complicated.[3] The idea for her to stand atop a Stormtrooper helmet came from the Disney Infinity concept artists. While Infinity art director Jeff Bunker loved the idea, he was afraid it would be too expensive to mass-produce. Because Lucasfilm loved it as well, the team found a way to make it work.[4] Originally, the Stormtrooper helmet was supposed to look like one of the helmets in the movies, but they modified it to look like the helmets in the game instead.[4] The team also debated making her with her Mandalorian helmet on. While they agreed that the helmet would be a nice looking addition to her figure, if her face was covered up, then a lot of who she is and what she really looks like would be missing from her. The team even considered having her hold her helmet, but in the end, the team decided that if the figure was going to have a helmet, having the Stormtrooper helmet told a better story.[4]


  • According to developers, Sabine's figure is one of the most complicated figures made because of the Rebels logo, helmet, the gradient of her hair, and details on her chest plate and racing stripe on her shoulder pad.


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