Rapunzel's Birthday Sky
Tangled Custo1
Name Rapunzel's Birthday Sky
Franchise Tangled
Type Customization (Skydome) Disc

Rapunzel's Birthday Sky is a Power Disc in Disney Infinity. It is a Skydome customization Power Disc. It is part of the first series of Power Discs. Its Texture Set counterpart is Rapunzel's Kingdom. Whenever in use, the background music changes to an instrumental version of "I See The Light".


Fill the skies with Rapunzel's birthday lanterns from Tangled.


This Skydome is set above the lake near the castle in Corona from Tangled. It's the same lake where Flynn Rider and Rapunzel sailed with a boat and sang "I See The Light". And just like when they sang, the lake is here surrounded by lanterns. The castle can be seen behind the lanterns.


  • The model number is 4000061


For all photos and videos, see Rapunzel's Birthday Sky/Gallery.

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