Ralph's Power of Destruction
Ralph's Power of Destruction
Type Ability Disc
Franchise Wreck-It Ralph
Game(s) Disney Infinity, Disney Infinity: 2.0 Edition
Function Increases damage inflicted by player attacks
Availability Sold in blind packs

Ralph's Power of Destruction is a Series 2 Ability Disc in Disney INFINITY. It is based on the Wreck-It Ralph franchise and increases melee damage when in use. On the disc itself, it has Ralph wrecking a brick wall.


Wreck-It Ralph's power will increase the strength of your attacks.


  • The power disc does not show an image of Wreck-It Ralph's appearance in-game, but rather his appearance in the movie.
    • This was possibly so as not to prematurely reveal Ralph as a playable character, as the disc was revealed before Ralph's figure was officially announced, although Ralph was seen in the original trailer for the game.
    • The original design of the disc showed an image of Ralph's concept art.


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