Radiator Springs
Radiator Springs seen from Flo's V8 Cafe.
Name Radiator Springs
Franchise Cars
Type Town
Location Carburetor County
Appearances Cars Play Set

Radiator Springs is a location that appears in Disney Infinity. It is the main location in the Cars movie. It is the set of the Cars Play Set. You play as Lightning McQueenMater and although not from Radiator Springs as Holley Shiftwell and Francesco Bernoulli too. Other cars who also don't reside in Radiator Springs include Grem and Chick Hicks, who also appear here.


It is an almost exact replica of Radiator Springs as it appeared in the movies. Several famous locations like Flo's V8 Cafe, the Cozy Cone Motel, Luigi's Casa Della Tires, the outskirts and various other locations appear. The environment has been adjusted so you can race in it. Many jumps have been placed like the big one at Flo's V8 Cafe, and some that will allow you to ride on the rooftops of buildings.


For all photos and videos, see Radiator Springs/Gallery.

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