Character information
Name Quorra
Franchise TRON
Sex Female
Species ISO
Friends Sam Flynn
Voice Actor Erin Cottrell

"Hello, I'm Quorra. Are you a user?"
-Quorra, when placed on the Disney Infinity Base

Quorra is a playable character in Disney Infinity: 2.0 Edition, exclusive to the iOS and PC versions of the game.[1] She was revealed to be playable when a glitch in a player's Hall of Heroes showed both her and Sam Flynn's statues.[2] It was confirmed that she was Quorra when an update for the PC edition of Disney Infinity: 2.0 Edition added their statues to the Hall of Heroes.[3]

In Disney Infinity: 3.0 Edition, she was made available as a figure, and is now available for all systems.[4]


Quorra's melee attacks involve the use of a light katana and her identity disc at the same time. Her ranged attack is a light grappling hook, which operates in the same manner as the Climbing Hook. Quorra also uses this grappling hook to Web Swing. To block attacks, she holds her Identity Disc out in front of her to deflect attacks. Her special move is called Last of the ISOs, and causes her to turn a bright, glowing yellow and go into a frenzy, destroying everything in her path.


Quorra wears a black full-body suit with white lines and circles placed on it - some of the 'fabric' is a mesh with circles cut out, whereas most of it (over the top of the mesh) is plain. Notably, the shoulders are cut out of the suit and left bare. She wears black boots that blend into the suit. She has short, black hair that is styled in a bob cut with bangs, and she also has green eyes and a slender build.



  • With the Quorra Costume, she is the first Toy Box Host to be a playable character.
  • Quorra is the only female character with the Web Sling ability.
  • In Disney Infinity Codes' gameplay video for Sam Flynn, Troy Johnson said that Olivia Wilde voices Quorra in-game, But on the credits for 3.0, her voice actress is Erin Cottrell.
  • Despite being added for 3.0 and is identified as a 3.0 character in-game, Quorra uses the same 2.0 mechanics such as improved melee combos, but not having the ability to perform mid-air combos like the remaining 3.0 cast (sans the Inside Out characters as they have almost no combos to speak of as they use the same basic attack patterns from 1.0), this is due to the fact she was originally a 2.0 character for the PC version of 2.0 and was released for 2.0 rather than 3.0 as she was originally planned for 2.0, this also applies to fellow character Sam Flynn who has the same restrictions as her.
  • She is John Vignocchi's favorite female character.


For all photos and videos, see Quorra/Gallery.


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