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The Disney INFINITY 2.0 power disc pack.


A pack of Power Discs

The Power Discs in Disney INFINITY and Disney INFINITY: 2.0 Edition are discs you place on the INFINITY Base to give a character special abilities. A disc is one of two shapes: circular or hexagonal. Circular discs go under your figure to provide stat boosts to your character, while hexagonal disks take the place of your playset piece and provide either texture packs or new toys for your Toy Box. The discs are sold in blind packs with two in each pack for $4.99. In one pack, you can receive two hexagonal disks, two circular disks, or one of each.

Toys R Us is selling exclusive blind packs with exclusive power discs. Each blind pack of Toys R Us come with a rare disc by default.

Ability Discs

Bolt's Super Strength

What Ability Disc looks like.

Ability Discs are the most commonly thought of form of Power Discs. These discs are placed directly under a player's Toy piece. This type of disc is represented by a Red Color and a Star Symbol. The power of an Ability Disc acts a temporary boost in your abilities and it will only affect the player who's character piece is on top of it. If 2 of the same type are added, it doubles the effect. Whenever an ability disc is removed or swapped out from under the player piece, its effect diminishes. As of now, it is currently known that at least 2 Ability Discs can be stacked up beneath each player at a time, so a total of 8 can be in the game at any given time. When 2  select Ability Discs are stacked upon each other, a third effect can be created. Infinity 2.0 added new types of ability discs including sidekick discs, alternate costumes discs and powers discs.

Toy Discs


What a Toy Disc looks like.

Toy Discs are by far what everyone seems to have the most excitement and enjoyment for! Toy Discs are represented by an Orange Color and a Ball. These Discs have a variety of features to add, with excitement all around. Most of these add-in toys are a variety of novelty rides such as Mickey's Car. However, they sometimes contain weapons such as Carl Fredricksen's Cane from Up. Given the shape of Toy Discs, it seems easy to believe that they would go beneath/on the play set space. Up to 3 can stack up.

Customization Discs

Customization Discs are one of the most unique features to ever be a part of gaming experience, and they hold

Frozen Flourish

What a Customization Disc looks like.

the key to what makes this game truly the most innovative and unique sandbox game out there. They are represented by a Purple Color and a Paint Brush. As of now, there are only 2 types of these discs in existence, but for each one you find, you know that it has a counterpart. The types are: 'Skydome ' and 'Texture Set '. They have the ability to make the Toy Box something unique and creative in its own. For instance, an Alice in Wonderland Skydome disc will morph the sky to have the appearance as if you were actually in the middle of Wonderland whilst in the Toy Box. The cool thing is that if a universe has a Skydome disc, then it also has a Texture disc. What a Texture disc does, is it morphs the environment to complete the effect. However, you can mix and match textures and skydomes to create a world of your complete imagination.

Rare Discs

Rare disc

Rare Disc Icon

Images (1)

The 3 Series 1 Rare Power Discs.

Rare Discs are power discs that appear within each series of power discs, however they are extremely hard to obtain, as each pack of Power Discs only contains one hexagonal disc. As of now, it seems that all rare discs coming out are of the TOY and Customization disc sets, and they are the ones that everyone has been in awe about non-stop such as the elephant with Abu on it, or even the flying Dumbo seen in several promotional images and trailers. Usually only 3 Rare Discs are in a series.

The rare ones are (for series 2) include the Condorman Glider and the Electric Mayhem Bus.

Disney Infinity

Series 1

Main article: Power Disc Series 1

Listed on the official website,[1] except for the rare discs, which are hinted at.

Name Type Franchise Rarity
Bolt's Super Strength Ability Bolt Normal
Fix-It Felix's Repair Power Ability Wreck-It Ralph Normal
C.H.R.O.M.E. Armor Shield Ability Cars Normal
Pieces of Eight Ability Pirates of the Caribean Normal
Mickey's Car Toy (Vehicle) Classic Cartoons Normal
Cinderella's Coach Toy (Vehicle) Cinderella Normal
Khan Toy (Mount) Mulan Normal
Abu the Elephant Toy (Mount) Aladdin Rare
Dumbo the Flying Elephant Toy (Aircraft) Dumbo / Disney Parks Rare
Astro Blasters Space Cruiser Toy (Aircraft) Toy Story / Disney Parks Rare
Stitch's Blaster Toy (Weapon) Lilo & Stitch Normal
Carl Fredricksen's Cane Toy (Weapon) Up Normal
Alice's Wonderland Customization (Terrain) Alice in Wonderland Normal
Tulgey Wood Customization (Skydome) Alice in Wonderland Normal
Nemo's Seascape Customization (Skydome) Finding Nemo Normal
Marlin's Reef Customization (Terrain) Finding Nemo Normal
Rapunzel's Birthday Sky Customization (Skydome) Tangled Normal
Rapunzel's Kingdom Customization (Terrain) Tangled Normal
Sugar Rush Sky Customization (Skydome) Wreck-It Ralph Normal
King Candy's Dessert Toppings Customization (Terrain) Wreck-It Ralph Normal

Series 2

Main article: Power Disc Series 2

Listed on the official site.[2] Series 2 was released on November 26, 2013.

Name Type Frachise Rarity
Ralph's Power of Destruction Ability Wreck-it Ralph Normal
Dr. Doofenshmirtz's Damage-Inator! Ability Phineas & Ferb Normal
Electro-Charge Ability Frankenweenie Normal
Star Command Shield Ability Toy Story Normal
User Control Disc Ability Tron Normal
Pizza Planet Delivery Truck Toy (Vehicle) Toy Story Normal
Mike's New Car Toy (Vehicle) Monsters Inc. Normal
Electric Mayhem Bus Toy (Vehicle) The Muppets Rare
Maximus Toy (Mount) Tangled Normal
Headless Horseman's Horse Toy (Mount) Sleepy Hollow Normal
Jolly Roger Toy (Aircraft) Peter Pan / Disney Parks Rare
Hangin' Ten Stitch With Surfboard Toy (Hoverboard) Lilo & Stitch Normal
Flamingo Croquet Mallet Toy (Weapon) Alice in Wonderland Normal
Condorman Glider Toy (Glider) Condorman Rare
Halloween Town Sky Customization (Skydome) Nightmare Before Christmas Normal
Jack's Scary Decorations Customization (Terrain) Nightmare Before Christmas Normal
New Holland Sky Customization (Skydome) Frankenweenie Normal
Victor's Experiments Customization (Terrain) Frankenweenie Normal
Chill in the Air Customization (Skydome) Frozen Normal
Frozen Flourish Customization (Terrain) Frozen Normal

Series 3

Shown but not named on official site.[2] The following are the remaining discs confirmed to be released and will probably end up being released as Series 3

Name Type Franchise Rarity
Chernabog's Strength Ability Fantasia Normal
Violet's Force Field Ability The Incredibles Normal
Rapunzel's Healing Ability Tangled Normal
Mickey's Sorcerer Hat Ability Fantasia Normal
Disney Parks Parking Lot Tram Toy (Vehicle) Disney Parks Normal
Cruella De Vil's Car Toy (Vehicle) 101 Dalmatians Normal
Angus Toy (Mount) Brave Normal
Phillipe Toy (Mount) Beauty and the Beast Normal
Tantor Toy (Mount) Tarzan Normal
Calico Helicopter Toy (Aircraft) Bolt Normal
Dragon Firework Cannon Toy (Weapon) Mulan Normal
Toy Story Mania Blaster Toy (Weapon) Toy Story / Disney Parks Normal
WALL-E's Fire Extinguisher Toy (Jetpack) WALL-E Rare
Buy N Large Atmosphere Customization (Skydome) WALL-E Normal
WALL-E's Collection Customization (Terrain) WALL-E Normal
Danville Sky Customization (Skydome) Phineas & Ferb Normal
Tri-State Area Terrain Customization (Terrain) Phineas & Ferb Normal

Toys "R" Us exclusives


Toys R Us exclusive pack.

Power Discs exclusive to Toys "R" Us stores (at least for the time being).[3] The round Ability Discs are designated with red transparent plastic and the hexagonal Toy Discs are designated with orange transparent plastic. The image for both is a lenticular image.

In contrast to the "blind bags" for Series 1, 2 and 3 described above where a person does not know which discs are in the package, each of these exclusive packages includes a specific Power Disc that can be identified by the UPC and Product numbers on the back of the bag. The second disc is a common disc from Series 1.

4 of the 10 discs were available as part of Series 2 and distributed as exclusive before the release of that set. 3 out of this 4 discs are holographics compared to their counterparts, only Captain Hook's Ship remains the same in both sets. 6 discs remain true exclusives to this day.

Name Type Franchise Also Available UPC Number
User Control Ability Tron Series 2 7 12725 02398 0
Emperor Zurg's Wrath Ability Toy Story 7 12725 02413 0
Scrooge McDuck's Lucky Dime Ability Duck Tales 7 12725 02399 7
C.H.R.O.M.E. Damage Increaser Ability Cars 7 12725 02397 3
Merlin's Summon Ability The Sword in the Stone 7 12725 02414 7
Mike's New Car Toy (Vehicle) Monsters Inc. Series 2 7 12725 02400 0
Captain Hook's Ship Toy (Aircraft) Peter Pan / Disney Parks Series 2 7 12725 02401 7
Stitch's Surfboard Toy (Hoverboard) Lilo & Stitch Series 2 7 12725 02402 4
On the Grid Customization (Terrain) Tron 7 12725 02403 1
TRON Interface Customization (Skydome) Tron 7 12725 02404 8


  • The Release Number is the "Series" or "Wave" number that Toys R Us has assigned to it on their website and in their inventory system. This number is separate from Series/Wave numbering used by Disney for the groups of Power Discs they release.
  • It is more efficient to complete a disc collection by purchasing the normal silver packs and supplement it with the exclusive gold packs.
  • Mike's New Car was the only exclusive disc available at time of launch. This was confirmed with Toys "R" Us customer service.[4]
  • The TRON User Control ability disc was released on September 7, 2013 to coincide with the first Power Disc trading event at Toys R Us.[5]
  • Emperor Zurg's Wrath and  C.H.R.O.M.E Damage Increaser were both released November 3, 2013 as part of the "Race to Space" Crystal Figure pack along with two crystal figures of Lighning McQueen and Buzz Lightyear.
  • Scrooge McDuck's Lucky Dime, Captain Hook's Ship (the Jolly Roger) and TRON Interface (called "Making the Skydome" in the "Great Big Toys R Us Wish Finder" catalog for 2013) were released one per week, starting on November 3, 2013.
  • The first six exclusive discs are included with the gold Power Disc Capsule, another exclusive product by Toys R Us.

Target exclusives

Disney Infinity Power Disc Album - Series 2 full set

Target began selling an exclusive set on November 19, 2013 containing all 20 Power Discs from Series 2 and a new Power Disc Album to hold them.

Disney Infinity 2.0

Disneu originals power disc pack

The 2.0 Disney Originals Power Disc Pack

A total of 84 discs were announced divided between 42 with Marvel Super Heroes thematics and 42 Disney Original thematics. Both will be made available in different blind packs as to avoid mixed appearences. The Marvel Super Heroes Power Discs will be released at launch on September 23, and the Disney Original Power Discs will be released on November 4, along with the Disney Original Figures.

Disney Originals

Name Type Franchise Rarity
Maleficent’s Spell Cast Ability (Event) Sleeping Beauty Normal
Zeus’ Thunderbolt Ability (Event) Hercules Normal
King Louie's Monkeys Ability (Event) Jungle Book Normal
Chernabog's Spirit Cyclone Ability (Event) Fantasia Normal
Rags To Riches Ability (Costume) Aladdin Normal
All For One Ability (Costume) Classic Cartoons Normal
Sandy Claws Surprise Ability (Costume) Nightmare Before Christmas Normal
Cursed Pirate Gold Ability (Costume) Pirates of the Caribbean Normal
Glory Days Ability (Costume) The Incredibles Normal
Darkwing Duck's Grappling Gun Toy (Weapon) Disney's Darkwing Duck Normal
Mabel's Kittens for Fists Toy (Weapon) Gravity Falls Normal
Lew Zealand's Boomerang Fish Toy (Weapon) The Muppets Normal
Sergeant Calhoun's Blaster Toy (Weapon) Wreck-It-Ralph Normal
Honey Lemon's Ice Capsules Toy (Weapon) Big Hero 6 Normal
Jim Hawkins' Solar Board Toy (Hoverboard) Treasure Planet Normal
Jack Skellington's Reindeer Toy (Mount) Nightmare Before Christmas Rare
Gus the Mule Toy (Mount) Gus (film) Normal
Darkwing Duck's Ratcatcher Toy (Vehicle) Disney's Darkwing Duck Normal
Eglantine's Motorcycle Toy (Vehicle) Bedknobs and Broomsticks Normal
Le Maximum Toy (Vehicle) The Muppets Normal
Mr Toad's Motorcar Toy (Vehicle) Wind in the Willows / Disney Parks Normal
Alice in Wonderland's Caterpillar Toy (Vehicle) Alice in Wonderland / Disney Parks Normal
Fantasyland Carousel Horse Toy (Vehicle) Disney Parks Normal
Medusa's Swamp Mobile Toy (Vehicle) The Rescuers Normal
Light Cycle Toy (Vehicle) TRON Normal
Main Street Electrical Parade Float Toy (Vehicle) Disney Parks


USS Swinetrek Toy (Aircraft) The Muppets Normal
Light Jet Toy (Aircraft) TRON Normal
Aerial Area Rug Toy (Aircraft) Phineas and Ferb Rare
Aladdin's Magic Carpet Toy (Aircraft) Aladdin Rare
The King's Domain Customization (Skydome) The Lion King Normal
Simba's Pridelands Customization (Terrain) The Lion King Normal
CyBug Swarm Customization (Skydome) Wreck-It Ralph Normal
Calhoun’s Command Customization (Terrain) Wreck-It Ralph Normal
Gravity Falls Sky Customization (Skydome) Gravity Falls Normal
Gravity Falls Forest Customization (Terrain) Gravity Falls Normal
Jasmine's Palace View Customization (Skydome) Aladdin Normal
The Sands of Agrabah Customization (Terrain) Aladdin Normal
Second Star to the Right Customization (Skydome) Peter Pan Normal
Neverland Customization (Terrain) Peter Pan Normal
The Middle Kingdom Customization (Skydome) Mulan Normal
Mulan's Countryside Customization (Terrain) Mulan Normal
Skies of the World Customization (Skydome) Disney Parks Normal
A Small World Customization (Terrain) Disney Parks Normal

Marvel Super Heroes

Disney Infinifty 2.0 power packs

The 2.0 Marvel Super Heroes Power Disc Pack

Marvel power Discs

All the 2.0 Marvel Super Heroes Power Discs

Name Type Franchise Rarity
Gamma Rays Ability (Costume) Marvel Comics Normal
Stark Arc Reactor Ability (Costume) Marvel Comics Normal
Sentinel of Liberty Ability (Costume) Marvel Comics Normal
Alien Symbiote Ability (Costume) Spider-Man Normal
The Immortal Iron Fist Ability (Costume) Spider-Man Normal
Space Armor Ability (Costume) Guardians of the Galaxy Normal
Ultimate Falcon Ability (Costume) Marvel Comics Normal
Winter Soldier Ability (Team Up) Marvel Comics Normal
Iron Patriot Ability (Team Up) Marvel Comics Normal
Ant-Man Ability (Team Up) Marvel Comics Normal
White Tiger Ability (Team Up) Spiderman Normal
Yondu Ability (Team Up) Guardians of the Galaxy Rare
Cap. Marvel Ability (Team Up) Marvel Comics Normal
S.H.I.E.L.D. Hellicarrier Strike Ability (Event) Marvel Comics Normal
Infinity Gauntlet Ability (Event) Marvel Comics Rare
Sorcerer Supreme Ability (Event) Marvel Comics Normal
Odin's Horse Toy (Mount) Marvel Comics Normal
Ghost Rider's Chain Whip Toy (Weapon) Marvel Comics Rare
Black Panther's Vibranium Knives Toy (Weapon) Marvel Comics Normal
Cloak of Levitation Toy (Glider) Marvel Comics Normal
Jack-O-Lantern's Glider Toy (Glider) Spiderman Normal
Falcon's Wings Toy (Glider) Marvel Comics Normal
Spider Copter Toy (Aircraft) Spiderman Normal
The Avenjet Toy (Aircraft) Marvel Comics Normal
Spider Mobile Toy (Vehicle) Spiderman Normal
Lola Toy (Vehicle) Marvel Comics Normal
S.H.I.E.L.D. Containment Truck Toy (Vehicle) Marvel Comics Normal
Spider Glider Toy (Glider) Spideman Normal
Hydra Motorcycle Toy (Motorcycle) Marvel Comics Normal
Spider Cycle Toy (Motorcycle) Spiderman Rare
World War Hulk Sky Customization (Skydome) Marvel Comics Normal
World War Hulk Customization (Terrain) Marvel Comics Normal
View from the Suit Customization (Skydome) Marvel Comics Normal
Stark Tech Customization (Terrain) Marvel Comics Normal
Spider Sky Customization (Skydome) Spiderman Normal
Spider Streets Customization (Terrain) Spiderman Normal
Groot's View Customization (Skydome) Guardians of the Galaxy Normal
Groot's Roots Customization (Terrain) Guardians of the Galaxy Normal
The Rip Customization (Skydome) Guardians of the Galaxy Normal
Star-Lord's Galaxy Customization (Terrain) Guardians of the Galaxy Normal
Forgotten Skies Customization (Skydome) Devil Dinosaur Normal
Dinosaur World Customization (Terrain) Devil Dinosaur Normal


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