The First for the Count!


All Series 1 discs

The very first series of power discs that we will have a shot at getting our hands on! The icon representing the series is that of the Bolt's Super Strength Ability Disc. It features 4 Ability Discs, 5 Toy Discs, 8 Customization Discs, and 3 Rare Discs for a grand total of 20 Discs in the whole series.

# Name Universe Type
1 Bolt's Super Strength
Bolt's Super Strength
Bolt Ability
2 Felix-repair-5fcdc0efb43d7e9367479cd2feb836fd
Fix-It Felix's Repair Power
Wreck-It Ralph Ability
3 Chrome-damage-58ff382b931c222dea36d71c0cc3c1ac
C.H.R.O.M.E. Armor Shield
Cars Ability
4 Pieces-of-eight-f69f0a9a8cc64aadcb3704ae7f4c6ed7
Pieces of Eight
Pirates of the Caribbean Ability
5 Mickey's Car
Mickey's Car
Mickey Mouse Toy
6 Cinderellas-coach-cf8a0f07e8cb35cd2a9b8f08d4852353
Cinderella's Coach
Cinderella Toy
7 Kahn-horse
Mulan Toy
8 Stitch-blaster-89b9fe6ec4704ca0f5751518f94266e1
Stitch's Blaster
Lilo & Stitch Toy
9 Carl'sCane
Carl Fredricksen's Cane
Up Toy
10 Sugar-rush-texture-b412964eb7457c5fe4997e50a38b65a2
King Candy's Dessert Toppings
Wreck-It Ralph Customization (Texture Set)
11 Sugar-rush-skydome-a2b37c3d61cb33a9e762ab886854d75e
Sugar Rush Sky
Wreck-It Ralph Customization (Skydome)
12 Alice-texture-6da1b35578d39114e04ce6ee2c44f1b5
Alice's Wonderland
Alice in Wonderland Customization (Texture Set)
13 Alice-skydome-890bdf733e932ddc9312f07fc23c4a40
Tugley Wood
Alice in Wonderland Customization (Skydome)
14 Nemo-texture-d6b68fda74cae5f0e03b10cba458c4e7
Finding Nemo (Texture Set)
Finding Nemo Customization (Texture Set)
15 Nemo-skydome-92bdb8e38a8a76d98dcf95534c8c9ad0
Finding Nemo (Skydome)
Finding Nemo Customization (Skydome)
16 Tangled-skydome-f591a470d05fde0872380fc911d61ec3
Tangled Lantern (Texture Set)
Tangled Customization (Texture Set)
17 Tangled Custo1
Tangled Lantern (Skydome)
Tangled Customization (Skydome)
18 Dumbo ride power disk
Dumbo the Flying Elephant Ride
Dumbo Rare
19 Spacecruiserpd
Buzz Lightyear's Astro Blaster
Toy Story Rare
20 Elephantabu
Abu as an Elephant
Aladdin Rare

Toys "R" Us Exclusives

Toys "R" Us announced that they will be selling exclusive Power Discs, starting with Mike's New Car.


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