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Disney infinity power disc album open

Inside of regular version

The Power Disc Album is an accesory for storing Power Discs in Disney Infinity. It can hold up to 30 discs and is priced at $9.99. They hold spots for specific discs in Series one and Series two. It is unknown if albums will be produced for Series 3. There are two kinds of albums currently released, with one being announced: The regular version which holds 20 discs and is sold wherever; and the Toys "R" Us exclusive has a different cover and interior design, and holds 30 power discs (the 20 from wave 1 and the Toys "R" Us exclusive discs).

The third Power Disc Album is a Target Exclusive,[1] which holds 20 discs and is centered around the Series 2 power discs. It is being sold with all 20 Series 2 power discs, including the rare, hard to get, discs and will be priced at $59.99.

For 2.0, Disney Infinity released many different power disc albums that were exclusive to different stores such as Best Buy, Walmart and Target. These albums had 5 different power discs in them.


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