Pitch Black Sky
Pitch Black Sky
Name Pitch Black Sky
Franchise Disney Infinity
Type Skydome

The Pitch Black Sky is a secret unlockable Skydome first introduced in Disney Infinity 2.0. The sky changes the entire Toy Box to pure darkness with no music playing. This leaves the Toy Box only lit up by ambient lighting of items and objects. It does not have a Texture Set counterpart.


To unlock the sky, you need to go to the Introduction to the Toy Box Toy Box. From there, you must simply wait near the main area until a Yeti Costume  spawns. This can take anywhere from a few minutes to a hour or two. Once the Yeti spawns, simply pick it up and it will explode into Sparks. There will not be a notification, but the sky will become an available option for the Sky Changer.


  • This is one of the few skydomes that do not have a texture set that matches with it.


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