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Peter Pan
Tbx peter final 02 04 16
Concept art of Peter Pan's figure.
Character information
Name Peter Pan
Franchise Peter Pan
Sex Male
Species Human
Relatives None
Friends The Lost Boys, Tinker Bell
Enemies Captain Hook
Occupation None
Residence Neverland

Peter Pan is the protagonist of the movie of the same name. He was going to be playable in Disney Infinity: 3.0 Edition,[1] but was scrapped upon the cancellation of Disney Infinity and the closing of Avalanche Software.


At Toy Box Summit 2015, the toy box artists in attendance were given the task of choosing one of the next figures to be made for Disney Infinity 3.0. While the decision was made at the summit, the artists' choice was not made public until the D23 Expo later that year. The artists had chosen Peter Pan.[2][3][4]

Pan was confirmed to be arriving during the lifespan of 3.0 rather than for a future game;[1] however, the Disney Infinity series was cut short before the character could be finished.

Production of the figure was evidently fairly far along when he was scrapped; a final figure design had been decided upon,[5] and all voice lines for the character had already been recorded by voice actor Blayne Weaver.[6]



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