Parking Lot Tram
Franchise Disney Parks
Type Vehicle

The Parking Lot Tram is a vehicle that can tow other vehicles. To get it, you need the Power Disc that corresponds with the vehicle. The picture on the disc is the tram with a firework flying over it.


Make the Toy Box feel like the Disney Parks with this parking lot tram.

Disney Parks

The original Disneyland Parking Lot existed from July 17, 1955 to January 21, 1998, when it was largely closed to make way for Disney's California Adventure, Downtown Disney, and the Grand Californian Hotel and Spa. It was divided into 19 sections, each one named for a Disney character. The Walt Disney World version debuted in 1996 and appears in all 4 parks. It transports people from the park entrance to sections of the parking lot.


  • There is a Hidden Mickey on the back of the Parking Lot Tram's main part.
  • The Parking Lot Tram is the only vehicle in Version 1.0 and 2.0 that can carry multiple players.
  • When the tram tows a character, rather than simply spawning a platform for the character to sit on, the tram spawns another car behind it and causes the towed character to sit on top of it.
    • When the car is equipped with Monster Truck Wheels, they are only applied to the cab, and do not affect the other cars.


For all photos and videos, see Parking Lot Tram/Gallery.

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