Nemo's Seascape
Name Nemo's Seascape
Franchise Finding Nemo
Type Customization (Skydome) Disc

Nemo's Seascape is a Disney Infinity Series 1 Power Disc. It is a Skydome that changes the sky into the ocean from Finding Nemo, as if you're underwater. Its Texture Set counterpart is Marlin's Reef. Whenever in use, the background music changes to Wow from the film's soundtrack.


Replace your sky with an undersea view from Finding Nemo.


This Skydome is set in the coral reef where Marlin and his son Nemo lives in Finding Nemo. Along with all the corals, the minefield from the movie is also seen, with a shark swimming around it.


  • The model number is 4000066


For all photos and videos, see Nemo's Seascape/Gallery.

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