Helen Parr
Mrs. Incredible
Character information
Name Helen Parr
Alias Mrs. Incredible
Franchise The Incredibles
Sex Female
Species Super Human
Relatives Bob Parr (husband), Violet Parr (daughter), Dash Parr (son)
Friends Edna Mode, Mirage, Rick Dicker
Enemies Syndrome, The Underminer, Omnidroids
Occupation Superhero
Residence Metroville
Voice Actor Holly Hunter

"This looks like it could be fun."
-Mrs. Incredible, when placed on the Disney Infinity Base

Helen Parr, also known as Mrs. Incredible or Elastigirl, is one of the four protagonists in Disney/Pixar's 2004 hit animated feature The Incredibles. She appears as an expandable character in Disney Infinity. Mrs. Incredible was released as a single figure on August 18th at launch, and was also released as part of the Sidekicks Pack.


Disney Infinity

In the first game, Mrs. Incredible has a combo melee attack, as well as a Block Breaker and Power Attack. She has the ability to stretch out her arm as her ranged attack, where she grabs enemies and pulls towards them. This also makes her able to grab onto buildings and other toys to climb higher, like the Climbing Hook.

Disney Infinity 2.0

Mrs. Incredible has the same skills as in the first game, and has also gotten a Skill Tree like the other characters. She can also unlock a Super Jump.

Skill Tree

The Incredibles

Helen Parr, known by the superhero name Elastigirl in the golden age of superheroism, is a resourceful and dexterous superhero. Elastigirl has the flexibility superpower so she can stretch any part of her body up to 100' (30 m) to a minimum thickness of 1 mm, and mold it into several shapes and sizes. Helen falls in love and marries Mr. Incredible (Bob Parr), and they have three children: Violet, Dash, and Jack-Jack.


"Now whaddya say we go find ourselves another adventure?"
-Mrs. Incredible


  • Her model number is 1000011
  • In Disney Infinity, Mrs. Incredible is voiced by Holly Hunter, who voiced her in the film and is confirmed to reprise her role in the upcoming 2018 sequel (with the film's storyline now focusing on her instead of Mr. Incredible (whose role she had swapped with).
  • She's currently the only known playable female character in-game to have her waist bloat via the Glow Urchin, every playable female since Violet and beyond has had their heads bloat in-game.
    • This also makes her the only playable female character out of the Disney Infinity series to get two different waist expansions.
  • In the Disney Infinity series, her power attack Snap Back will not activate after tap performing her Block Breaker attack, it's highly possible that the code and animation for the move wasn't fully complete in time when the game was released, basically making Mrs. Incredible more or less unfinished in terms of animations.
    • This makes her the only playable character from The Incredibles who doesn't have a 2-hit Block Breaker combo.
  • At various points during her development, Mrs. Incredible was also known as Elastigirl and Helen before her final name was eventually settled upon.[1]
    • One possible reason that she was not called Elastigirl is that the name is currently owned by DC Comics (it is the name of one of their fairly obscure superheroes), and was licensed out by Pixar for use in only the film and not in any other media.
      • This could also explain why she didn't get a costume disc in 2.0 to resemble her Glory Days outfit from the beginning of The Incredibles due to the copyrights.


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