Monstrous Citizen
Monstrous Citizen
Name Monstrous Citizen
Franchise The Incredibles
Type Play Set Townsperson

The Monstrous Citizen is a costume and Play Set Townsperson in Disney Infinity. He is used to represent any random citizen in The Incredibles Play Set who was affected by the power of Baron Von Ruthless. He released toxic gases into the atmosphere of Metroville that caused whichever citizens were touched by them to turn into humongous green monsters.

He is unlocked for use in the Toy Box in the Villain Toy Pack.


  • The Monstrous Citizen may be placed in toy box mode; the toy box version, however, is significantly smaller than the massive version found in the play set.
  • In the play set, the Citizen will attack the player, being under the control of Baron Von Ruthless; when placed in the toy box, however, the Citizen is completely docile and acts just the same as any normal townsperson.
  • Sometimes, Monstrous Citizens who aren't returned to normal will return to normal size, but will still look like a Monstrous Citizen, similar to the ones in the Toy Box.
  • The Monstrous Citizen may also be spawned in toy box made via the Friend Generator; however, he is labeled as being the Hulk in the list of items the Generator can spawn.
    • This is due to the fact that in Disney Infinity, Hulk was not yet in the game.