Monsters University Play Set
The playable characters from the play set.
Name Monsters University Play Set
Franchise Monsters, Inc.
Game Disney Infinity
Location Monsters University, Fear Tech, Monstropolis
Playable Characters/Figures Sulley, Mike, Randy
Cast Members Squishy, Art, Don Carlton, Terri and Terry Perry, Randy
Enemies Fear Tech Students
Packs & Tools Toilet Paper Launcher, Paintball Gun, Cracklin' Backpack, Sludge Balloon, Glow Urchin
Vehicles Beastly Bicycle
Mounts Archie the Scare Pig
Customization Monsters University Campus, Monsters University Sky

The Monsters University Play Set is based on Monsters University. The core mechanic of this play set is the pranking system in which SulleyMike, and Randy are tasked with pranking the monsters of Fear Tech. This set includes the Beastly Bicycle and its variants, and Archie the Scare Pig. The Monsters University Play Set was released on August 18th at launch.


In this play set, one can play as Sulley, Mike and/or Randall, who are students at Monsters University. The rival school Fear Tech has come over to Monsters University and pranked the school, and those pranks are going back and forth between the two schools. After Fear Tech has pranked the school, you are tasked with cleaning toilet paper, banners and pranks in the area. In daytime, you can also hang out with other students and have some fun. However, at nighttime, you go to Fear Tech and vandalize it with your own Toilet Paper Launcher and hang banners while avoiding security guards. You can also visit Fear Tech during the day, or you stay at your own campus and defend it from the Fear Tech students.


Playable Characters

As per all play sets, only the characters from the series the play set is from can be played in it.

Non-Playable Characters

Mission Givers



The following are the specific locations that can be visited within the play set:

Toy Store Items


  • At one point, it is possible for Randall Boggs to receive missions from the NPC Randall Boggs.
  • This playlet has a day and night cycle, but it's different from the Lone Ranger.
    • At one point, there was going to be a feature that allowed players to manually change from day to night via the use of a special sundial at Monsters University; for some unknown reason, this feature was scrapped.[1][2]


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