Character information
Name Mirage
Franchise The Incredibles
Sex Female
Species Human
Friends Mr. Incredible, Mrs. Incredible, Violet, Dash
Enemies Syndrome
Occupation Right-hand woman (formerly)
Residence Metroville
Voice Actor Elizabeth Peña

Mirage is an NPC character in The Incredibles play set. 


Players must seek out Mirage within Metroville acting as a double agent for the supers. After this mission, she can later be found at HQ. She is the only one who knows of Syndrome's plans and gives the Incredibles missions to help stop him. At the end, she is seen celebrating with the Incredibles and their allies.

The Incredibles

Mirage is Syndrome's personal assitant, responsible for luring supers into battling prototype Omnidroids that would eventually lead to their destruction. Syndrome's next target happened to be his former idol, Mr. Incredible. Mirage acted as an informant to Mr. Incredible sending him on 'assignments' until the final Omnidroid was ready, in which Mr. Incredible was ambushed by the robot and met with Syndrome himself. 

Mirage was also present when Mr. Incredible was captured and held prisoner. During this time, she showed reluctance in going along with Syndrome's plans after an aircraft that Mr. Incredible's family had been flying towards the island base had been hit, supposedly killing them. In a fit of anger, Mr. Incredible attempted to grab Syndrome from his restraints, but ended up grabbing Mirage as she had pushed her employer out of the way. Mr. Incredible then proceeded to threaten to kill her if Syndrome did not release him. Syndrome, calling his bluff, told his former hero to proceed. But Mr. Incredible was unable to live up to his threat and ended up dropping Mirage to the ground, who was shocked that Syndrome would bargain her life.

Later, she could be seen telling Syndrome off and releasing Mr. Incredible from his captive position just as she informed him that his family had survived the plan crash. Just then, Elastigirl enters the scene, where she presumes that Mirage is the woman that her husband is cheating with, to which point, she knocks her out with a swift punch. Mirage is finally seen allowing Mr. Incredible and his family escape the island in one of Syndrome's aircrafts.



  • This was the final role for Elizabeth Peña before her death in October 2014 (via problems due to alcoholism), because of her death Mirage will not appear in the upcoming sequel Incredibles 2.