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Mike's New Car
Mike's new car
Series 2 Power Disc
Name Mike's New Car
Franchise Monsters, Inc.
Type Land Vehicle

Mike's New Car is a land vehicle from the Monsters, Inc. short Mike's New Car. It is available via Power Disc, which is a Toys "R" Us exclusive at launch, although it is also in the second series as well.


The vehicle is a large, gold colored car, with six huge wheels. The front of the car is made to look like a monster's face (the headlights are made to look like eyes, and the front metal bars look like a mouth). Also the power disc itself has an image of Mike at the background.


Mike's New Car is a 2002 Pixar animated short, starring the two main characters from Monsters, Inc., Mike Wazowski and James P. Sullivan. Directed by Pete Docter and Roger Gould, it is the first Pixar short to utilize vocal performances and the first to take characters and situations from a previously established work.

It received an Academy Award nomination (Best Animated Short Film in 2002) and was included in the 2002 DVD release of Monsters, Inc .

Note: All Toys "R" Us Exclusive blind packs have unique SKU/UPC numbers. Blind packs with SKU/UPC number 712725024000 contain Mike's New Car.[1]


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