Mike's New Car
Mike's new car
Name Mike's New Car
Franchise Monsters, Inc.
Type Land Vehicle

Mike's New Car is a land vehicle from the Monsters, Inc. short Mike's New Car. It is available via Power Disc, which was a Toys "R" Us exclusive at launch, though it was also released in the second series as well.

Note: All Toys "R" Us Exclusive blind packs have unique SKU/UPC numbers. Blind packs with SKU/UPC number 712725024000 contain Mike's New Car.[1]


Mike Wazowski's car from Monsters, Inc..


The vehicle is a large, gold colored car, with six huge wheels. The front of the car is made to look like a monster's face (the headlights are made to look like eyes, and the front metal bars look like a mouth). Also the power disc itself has an image of Mike on it.

Monsters, Inc.

The car does not appear in the Monsters, Inc. film itself, making its first appearance in Mike's New Car, a short included with the DVD release of the film and with the theatrical release of Treasure Planet.

In the short, Mike trades in his new car from the movie for a new six-wheeled sports car. Unfortunately, however, he and Sulley do not know how to work the car's complicated buttons system, and are unable to even get the car started to drive it to work. Eventually, Mike becomes so frustrated, he kicks Sulley out of the car and drives it himself, promptly crashing it.


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