Disney Infinity -- Official Trailer (Benelux) - YouTube(1)
Name Metroville
Franchise The Incredibles
Type City
Location USA
Appearances The Incredibles Play Set

Metroville is a location that appears in Disney Infinity. It is the main location in The Incredibles Play Set. In this city, you can play as all the family members, except Jack-Jack (who's unplayable), against the Omnidroids, who are the Enemies in the Play Set. There are many tall buildings, which can be set on fire. One of the prominent locations is the NSA base, where you train, and can also customize the buildings on the base.

The Incredibles



  • The name Metroville is combined directly from the words Metropolis and Smallville a direct reference to DC's comics iconic superhero Superman's respective hometown and main city.

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