Mega Pixar Ball
Mega Pixar Ball
Name Mega Pixar Ball
Franchise Toy Story, Luxo, Jr.
Type Weapon (Tool)
Unlock The Toy Store in the Toy Story in Space Play Set.

The Mega Pixar Ball, also called Mega Luxo Jr. Ball or Mega Luxo Ball, is a tool that appears in Disney Infinity. It is the mega version of the Pixar Ball. The ball can be thrown and damages the opponent when it hits them. The ball originates from the Pixar short Luxo, Jr. and appears in all the Pixar movies to this date. It is unlocked in the Toy Story in Space Play Set .


A yellow ball with a blue stripe and red star known as the Pixar Ball first appeared in the Luxo, Jr . short as a prop for Luxo, Jr. Since its debut, it has made several cameos in other Pixar films, most prominently in the Toy Story films.


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