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Luke's Landspeeder is a vehicle from Star Wars. It is Luke Skywalker's vehicle of choice on Tatooine. It appears in Disney Infinity: 2.0 Edition as a rideable vehicle. It is unlocked by earning a statue of every 2.0 playable character in the game, not including Crystal Sorcerer Mickey, Sam Flynn, or Quorra, in the Hall of Heroes and Hall of Super Heroes. When all of the statues are unlocked, the Landspeeder will rise up from a place in whichever hall of heroes the player is in at the time. If the player is in the Hall of Super Heroes, the Landspeeder will rise up from the center of the floor; if the player is in the Disney Originals Hall of Heroes, the Landspeeder will rise up from a place off to one side of the hall.



For all photos and videos, see Luke's Landspeeder/Gallery.

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