Character information
Name Khan
Franchise Mulan
Sex Male
Species Horse
Friends Mulan
Occupation Pet
Residence China
Khan is Mulan's horse from the film Mulan. He is a ridable mount in Toy Box, available via a Series 1 Power Disc. The picture on the disc is Mulan next to her horse.


Ride Kahn the Horse from Mulan in the Toy Box.

Disney Infinity

Khan appears as a ridable mount in Disney Infinity. Khan can be activated by putting his Power Disc on the hexagon platform. He is one of the many horses in the game, and, at the time of the game's release, the only thing represented from the Mulan films.


Khan is Mulan's horse and one of the main characters in Mulan and its sequel. He is voiced by Frank Welker. Khan helps Mulan when she goes off to war disguised as "Ping." Khan is the third horse to be owned by a Disney Princess; Major being the first and Phillipe being the second.

Khan is Mulan's horse, though it is uncertain how long Mulan has owned him. He is very loyal and caring to Mulan, and is always there to rescue her when she is in need.


  • The model number is 4000034.
  • In the Hall of Heroes, his name is spelled "Kahn".


For all photos and videos, see Khan/Gallery.

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