Inside Out Play Set
Anger and Joy
Name Inside Out Play Set
Franchise Inside Out
Game Disney Infinity: 3.0 Edition
Location Riley's Mind
Playable Characters/Figures Joy, Anger, Sadness, Disgust and Fear

Disney-Pixar's Inside Out Play Set is a play set in Disney Infinity: 3.0 Edition. The Play Set features a story based on the new Pixar film, Inside Out, which was released June 19th, 2015. The Play Set Pack features Joy and Anger, (with Sadness, Disgust and Fear as separately sold figures) and was made available on August 30, at the launch of the game.[1][2]


The Play Set is set after the events of the film. Riley falls asleep on the couch. She accidentally touches the remote, and changes the TV to play a scary movie. This sends her subconsciousness into chaos, with her memories scattered all over Imagination-land. The emotions must return the memories to Headquarters, before Riley wakes up.[3]

This Play Set features 25 different levels, with puzzles and platforming in both 2.5D and 3D.[4] It features several different types of puzzle challenges. For example, there are musical challenges, which require players to move in synch with the background music in order to succeed[1]; as well as levels where gravity is reversed, causing players to have to walk on the ceiling.[5][1] The player must complete each level in a certain time limit, and collect the different collectible balloons, to get as many points as possible.[6]

The 5 emotions will have different special abilities, that will make it easier to complete each level:

  • Joy can glide over large gaps.
  • Anger can run across lava.
  • Fear can run fast, crossing bridges and platforms before they collapse.
  • Sadness can walk across clouds, without them disappearing.
  • Disgust can jump high off clouds.


Playable Characters

Non-Playable Characters


Other Characters


  • Into the Mind's I
  • Brain Power, Phase 1
  • Brain Power, Phase 2
  • Brain Power, Phase 3
  • Cloudy Daze, Phase 1
  • Cloudy Daze, Phase 2
  • Cloudy Daze, Phase 3
  • Mental Notes, Phase 1
  • Mental Notes, Phase 2
  • Mental Notes, Phase 3
  • Ahead in the Clouds, Phase 1
  • Ahead in the Clouds, Phase 2
  • Ahead in the Clouds, Phase 3
  • A Sound Mind, Phase 1
  • A Sound Mind, Phase 2
  • A Sound Mind, Phase 3
  • Summer, Winter, and Falls, Phase 1
  • Summer, Winter, and Falls, Phase 2
  • Summer, Winter, and Falls, Phase 3
  • Brainstorms, Phase 1
  • Brainstorms, Phase 2
  • Brainstorms, Phase 3
  • Looking for Treble, Phase 1
  • Looking for Treble, Phase 2
  • Looking for Treble, Phase 3
  • Topsy Turvy Trip, Phase 1
  • Topsy Turvy Trip, Phase 2
  • Topsy Turvy Trip, Phase 3
  • Jangles All the Way
  • Memory Matrix Game


  • While the play set can be played in its entirety in single player mode, those who have played it say that cooperative gameplay is highly encouraged.[5]
  • The Inside Out play set is so far the only play set that has three female characters as native characters. It is also currently the only play set to have more playable female characters than playable male characters.
  • The Pixar Ball is seen in the first level of the play set.


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