Incoming Call Ender
The ender.
Name Incoming Call Ender
Franchise Monsters, Inc.
Type Decoration
Cost 500 MU Tokens (Disney Infinity)

The Incoming Call Ender is a toy in Disney Infinity and Disney Infinity: 2.0 Edition. It can be purchased from the Monsters University Play Set's Toy Store for 500 MU Tokens upon the completion of the "House Party" mission. It has the appearance of a regular phone booth, but when a character walks past it, a blue boxing glove appears and smacks the character so hard that they are knocked backwards and land on the ground.


  • This toy is an ender, not a launcher. The difference between the two is that a launcher is a toy that causes a character to fly far distances, while an ender causes them to simply be knocked backwards. These would be used to end a chain of launchers that would be used to knock characters around over long distances, hence the name "ender."


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