Imperial Star Destroyer
TIE Fighters flying from a Star Destroyer.
Name Imperial Star Destroyer
Franchise Star Wars
Type Air Vehicle

The Imperial Star Destroyer is a vehicle in the Star Wars saga. It appears in Disney Infinity: 3.0 Edition. It was first seen on the leaked image of the box art for Disney Infinity 3.0, but was officially confirmed in the official reveal trailer for the game.


There are many different types of Star Destroyers used by the Empire, each with some differences in design, but the general appearance usually remains the same. Generally, an Imperial Star Destroyer was a massive, grey vessel in the shape of a triangle, outfitted with many guns on its hull, which fire green shots. On either side of the ship was an opening for the TIE Fighters to exit their hangar. At the back of the ship was an upraised command bridge, from which the ship's commanders would command the ship. At the top of the command bridge were two spherical power generators.

Star Wars

In the Star Wars saga, the Star Destroyers are the aircraft carriers of the Galactic Empire. They are often used to transport high-ranking officials such as Darth Vader and Grand Moff Tarkin. They usually carried fleets of TIE Fighters in case they were attacked. The ship was capable of eliminating an entire star system, which is where its name originated from.


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