Impact Mine

The Impact Mine is a Vehicle Weapon in Disney Infinity and Disney Infinity: 2.0 Edition. Equipping it causes a bomb launcher to appear on either side of the vehicle. When the mine is deployed, it flies out far ahead of (or behind, depending on which direction it is fired) the player, and creates a large orange sphere to appear in the area where it landed. If a vehicle (including one driven by the player) touches the area, the sphere explodes, sending the car flying into the air. After the weapon is fired, it reloads, or, if used in the Cars Play Set or a toy box where a Vehicle Weapon Generator is used, it simply disappears. The weapon is unlocked from the Cars Play Set when the player buys the Impact Mine Challenge from the Toy Store. They can be equipped via the Vehicle Weapons menu, or summoned from the Vehicle Weapon Generator.


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