Grappling Hook
Grappling Hook
Name Grappling Hook
Franchise Pirates of the Caribbean (possibly)
Type Tool
Unlock The Toy Store in Disney Infinity 2.0, or by placing the Pirates of the Caribbean Play Set piece in the base.
The Grappling Hook is a Tool in Disney Infinity: 2.0 Edition. It was also seen in early gameplay footage of Disney Infinity,[1] but was by unknown reasons cut from the game. The Grappling Hook in Disney Infinity 2.0 is unlocked by placing the Pirates of the Caribbean Play Set piece in the base, or by buying it from the Toy Store.

It is very similar to the Climbing Hook. One of the small differences is that the Climbing Hook has four spikes, while the Grappling Hook only has three.

It is unknown why the Grappling Hook was cut from the first game. One reason may be that it was supposed to be used in the Pirates of the Caribbean Play Set, which also explains why it is found on that page in the Toy Store in 2.0. Another reason may be, that it was an earlier version of the Climbing Hook, even though this doesn't explain it's presence in 2.0.



  1., at about 21:37 in video

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